Wietske Overdijk is a self-taught Dutch photographer from The Hague. At a young age, she developed a huge passion for film and photography. However she has worked for various clients, she has a special interest for humans. Society and people will (almost) always play a central role in her work. 

With 19 years old, she shot a documentary photo serie in New York 'Humans of New York City', worked on the short movie (ON)BESPROKEN (1st prize at the The Hague Filmfestival & 4th prize at Roots Filmfestival The Hague), worked for clients as Soenda Festival, singer JOLENE Mokuna Clothing, Baquba Rum, Crisisplan and BabyRoomBoom and she worked together with photographer Kasper Van Steveninck.

In 2020, Wietske started with Audiovisual Media at the University of Arts in Utrecht. 

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P U B L I S H E D / S H A R E D   W O R K 

VICE interview

Metal Hammer Portugal

Viva Mama (BabyRoomBoom)

2021 Wietske Overdijk | Alle rechten voorbehouden | KvK 77127382
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